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Kultivate at UKCoRR

Detail of the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

Detail of the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Image: Bernie Condon /

The Kultivate project was delighted to be asked to present at the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR) Members’ Meeting in Portsmouth last week. Details and presentations are available from the UKCoRR website.

Chair of UKCoRR, Gareth Johnson (@llordllama on Twitter) has written a blog post here: It was the Year of Fire…

And there is a really useful summary of the day by Natalia Madjarevic here: UKCoRR Meeting: University of Portsmouth Library, 27th January 2012

The Kultivate Prezi:

I can explain the ‘badger’ honestly! In all seriousness, the Prezi contains links to some of the resources that have come out of the Kultivate project, including screencasts of the Kultivate Toolkits, and also a screencast of our ‘containers’ EPrints plugin. A fuller blog post will follow soon with more details and ALL the relevant links in one.

A member of the Kultur II Group had suggested that we might link up with UKCoRR’s Member Meetings so UKCoRR members could discuss arts specific issues for research repositories e.g. as part of a session or workshop in the day event. At the meeting last week I raised this, and out of about 50 attendees, approximately half were interested in this proposal, (this would appear to be the same half whose institutions had arts research). It is also worth noting that the visual enhancements arising out of Kultur/Kultivate/eNova might also have benefits to research repositories in other disciplines even for the improved display of text and PDFs.

Kultivate Linked Data workshop – 12th December 2011

This Storify is compiled from the Kultivate programme and tweets on the day, it is also available here:


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