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Title The Cost of the Common Cold and Influenza
Collection Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict - The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information
Artist Unknown
Printer Hubners Ltd
Publisher/Sponsor HMSO
Concept health / safety, civilian personnel, civilian effort, women / womens work, workers, aircraft, military vehicles, weapons
Description whole: the three image are positioned in the lower left, each held within a white circular inset. The title and text are separate and placed across the top edge, centre and bottom edge, in black and in red. Further text is separate and placed in the upper half, in white and in black, held within a red inset, and in the lower half, in white and in black, held within a grey inset. All set against a white background.
image: the images are red, stylised depictions of a tank, a bomber aircraft and a rifle.
Work it out like this.
On an average 2 days work are lost a year by each worker
Say there are 10 million people on vital war production
That means 20 million days lost each year -
The work of 50,000 men for one year.
IF one third of all the men and women who lost these days were making tanks, one third bombers, and one third rifles
Then in that time they could make
3,500 TANKS
1,000,000 RIFLES
That is the cost to our war effort. We can all help to reduce that cost. Do your bit to prevent the spread of infection - by trapping the germs in a handkerchief when you cough or sneeze.
Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by HUBNERS LTD., 51-2043.
Object tank, aircraft, rifle
Id Number Current Accession IWM PST 14144
Location Creation Site Great Britain
Measurements Dimensions 755 mm x 505 mm
Material lithograph and letterpress on paper
Format Series Notes 51-2043.
Event WW2 British Home Front
Related Country Great Britain GB
Text Language English
Rights IWM reproduction right
Style Period Period 1939-1945
Production Method lithograph in 1 colour and letterpress in 3 colours
Work Type poster




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